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Day: January 3, 2019

God Answers, if you are listening.
God Answers, if you are listening.

This was my face this morning while I was taking a walk. I was enjoying my private time alone and talking to God. Then, I asked got a question. But, the moment I asked the question, I laughed to myself and said how would God show me an answer while I'm out here walking. There was no one around and nothing much except for the trees in the water.

So, just as I was finishing my little thought in my head, I looked out on the water to my right and what did I see? But a pelican nodding his beak up and down enthusiastically. I then looked up into the heavens and smiled. Just when we think God can't answer us, he does.

God promises us that he will always hear an answer our prayers. So what are you praying for today? Seek God and you will find.