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Wash it away….

Wash it away….
This weekend we took the opportunity and went down to Sebastian Inlet on the boat. It was a pretty murky day and you couldn't see in the water at all. Needless to say I was a little bit freaked out picturing massive sharks and where I'll send who knows what else coming in attacking me. Yeah I can be a little neurotic sometimes. LOL.

Anyways one of the people we were talking to had mentioned how the current had kicked up and that they were looking forward to the Clearwater coming in. So, I thought wow isn't this indicative of our lives.

Each day we go through life and unfortunately make bad decisions decisions, but we look forward to the wonderful fact that Jesus washes of clean every day. As the tide go in and out of the river every day there is Clearwater and there's dirty water and there is cleansing again.

You know, I was always curious as to why all of the baptisms that took place in the Bible happened in the river instead of the sea of Galilee. The river is known for its murkiness while the sea is clear. And I thought perhaps the reason for the river baptism is that our sins are washed fresh with Christ. As we come up out of the water that is murky and dark, we are cleansed with the new freshwater.

It reminds me of the difference between the Indian river and the beautiful bright blue seas in Aruba. Want to be a glorious day when we no longer have to worry about arson filled lies doing right things and doing wrong things, instead it will be crystal clear and beautiful each and every day. Oh how thankful I am to know that all of my sins are washed away.

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