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Can we talk?
How often are you talking to other people about God? Is he a part of your regular conversation or just sitting on the back burner?

We are so quick to talk about our spouses or our boyfriends or girlfriends, our children or even our pets: but how often are we talking about the wonderful God that we have?

I want to encourage everyone of us today to make sure that God is a top priority in everything that we do. Make it a point to mention God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit or even heaven multiple times a day. Do it on purpose.

Just as an athlete has to warm up and exercise and practice intentionally, it is the same way with our spiritual exercise.

We have to get ourselves in the habit of speaking about God in order for it to become a natural part of us. So let's give ourselves a goal of seven times a day. For God gave us seven days, so let's give it back to him starting today.
Shake it off
Shake it off

Have you ever seen a dog after they mark their territory kick their feet backwards? Their making sure that other dogs know, hey this is my territory! Well, this reminds me of a Bible verse and Matthew 10 that tells us to shake the dust off of our feet if others will not listen to us. As I watched my dogs so proudly kick the dirt, that was flying all over the place, I chuckled a bit.  It actually made me a little bit sad as I remembered how many people I had spread the gospel to and yet they had chosen not to listen to a single word that was said.  So, why did God tell us to kick the dirt off of our feet if they will not hear what we have to say?  Well, God has one plan and that is for us to all praise and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And while many are willing to listen to the message, there are always those who will not.  God does not want us to sit upset all of the time at those Who will not listen, so he tells us not to let it bother us.  Shake it off and move on. And if there are people in your life that you have worked and worked and worked with to try to bring the gospel to them and yet they just seem oblivious, Just remember that you did the planting of the seed.  You do not have to beat yourself up because they did not just graciously embrace every single thing that you said to them.  Kick that dirt up and continue doing what you were meant to do would just spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Treasures of Our Heart
Treasures of Our Heart

When we have a treasure, we do everything in our power to keep it safe, to protect it in to make sure that it is taken care of.

God took careful selection in choosing family for each one of us. He lovingly chose those he wanted to surround us with on a daily basis.

Does our family do and say things that are wrong? Of course we do. Everybody does. But your family is your family and who God chose for you. So take this seriously.

Until the day that Jesus calls us home, each one of us will make mistakes in life but be a person who treasures your family. Hold your family close to your heart. Because Satan is just waiting to snatch it away. Don’t allow it. Stand firm and stand strong and know that you are loved and protected by God.

God created family and he created you as an integral part to that family. So love with your whole heart and never take one moment for granted!