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Month: February 2019

Can we talk?
How often are you talking to other people about God? Is he a part of your regular conversation or just sitting on the back burner?

We are so quick to talk about our spouses or our boyfriends or girlfriends, our children or even our pets: but how often are we talking about the wonderful God that we have?

I want to encourage everyone of us today to make sure that God is a top priority in everything that we do. Make it a point to mention God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit or even heaven multiple times a day. Do it on purpose.

Just as an athlete has to warm up and exercise and practice intentionally, it is the same way with our spiritual exercise.

We have to get ourselves in the habit of speaking about God in order for it to become a natural part of us. So let's give ourselves a goal of seven times a day. For God gave us seven days, so let's give it back to him starting today.