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Company you keep.
Company you keep.
1John 2:26 Be aware of those who want to lead you astray!

Make sure that the company you keep is the company that will lead you down the correct path. The people that we surround ourselves with is extremely important.

It is better to be alone than to be around people who will lead you down a path of destruction .

And make sure that you are the person that others want to be like and be around.

Remember it is a sin to know what you are to do and then not do it.
Treasures of Our Heart
Treasures of Our Heart

When we have a treasure, we do everything in our power to keep it safe, to protect it in to make sure that it is taken care of.

God took careful selection in choosing family for each one of us. He lovingly chose those he wanted to surround us with on a daily basis.

Does our family do and say things that are wrong? Of course we do. Everybody does. But your family is your family and who God chose for you. So take this seriously.

Until the day that Jesus calls us home, each one of us will make mistakes in life but be a person who treasures your family. Hold your family close to your heart. Because Satan is just waiting to snatch it away. Don’t allow it. Stand firm and stand strong and know that you are loved and protected by God.

God created family and he created you as an integral part to that family. So love with your whole heart and never take one moment for granted!
The past
The past
The other day I found a snakeskin outside of my garage door. It was long and scaly and freaked me out for a few minutes, as I remembered that that means there's a snake nearby.

But, the cool thing about a snakeskin is the fact that they can shut off all of their old stuff to make way for new stuff. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were able to do that as well. To just get rid of all of the garbage and the guck in our lives and get prepared for a new fresh skin.

Well, this is what happens when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Our old selves, which are filled with sin our shed off of us. They might be lurking in the bushes somewhere but they're not on us anymore.

As hard as you try with an old snake skin to put it back on, it is going to inevitably come right back off. And it's the same way with our old selves. We have to quit trying to put and remember all of the things that we have done in the past back on again.

When Jesus took our sins upon the cross, he took it for all times. There's no going back. So if Jesus already took it, why do we keep putting it back on. Forget about it. Lay it aside and leave it sitting in the bushes.

Trust me, everybody's got an old snakeskin sitting around somewhere. You were not the only one who has done 10 million things that you regret in life. Every single one of us regret things and wish we could turn back the pages, but we just have to get to the point where we quit thinking about that. Shed it and leave it.
Recognize your blessings
Recognize your blessings

What are you doing with what has been given to you? Are you spending your day thinking oh poor me? Are you so consumed with what you don't have that you're not recognizing what you do have?

It is very easy to get self consumed in a world of give me more more more. But, sometimes we have to stand back and look at all of the things that we do have.

So I want to encourage you today to quit focusing on the negative. Look at the positive things in your life and start thanking God out loud for them. We are always telling other people to chin up and one amazing person they are, but when was the last time you told yourself that?

You are an amazing person! You are exactly who you are supposed to be. If there's areas in your life that you want to be better in, then strive for them. But don't get self consumed and all upset if things don't come about in a lickety-split manner.

When God tells us to learn self-control and patience he's not just speaking towards other people, he speaking about us having patience with our self also. You don't have to be so hard on yourself you know. You are an amazing person and you can do all things through Christ .

Take the pressure off of yourself being so perfect. Learn to enjoy the little steps. Because one day you'll look back at all of those steps will have already been taken. Enjoy the journey it's not just about the end result. It's about living each and every day to its fullest extent.
Live and Learn
Live and Learn

Yesterday I was speaking with one of my girls at work, and she speaking about her father and how he is ill. She was telling me how she’s going to go visit him and spend some time with him since they’ve only given him a few months left to live. I asked her if her father had a relationship with Christ and if he was a believer, but she stated that she wasn’t really sure. So, I encouraged her to make sure that she speaks with him about this as soon as she gets there. Although she was nodding her head yes I could see the hesitation in her mannerisms. So, I’m going to tell you just like I told her: each one of us doesn’t know 100% what we’re talking about, because we have not seen heaven face-to-face. But we do know this, we sense Gods  presence every single day. We have proof beyond proof for the existence of Jesus throughout history.  Even if we only know a little bit and if we are not confident in our words, some words are better than none. All of us have doubts and all of us have fears at some point in our lives, but that does not negate our duty as a Christian to spread the wonderful love of Jesus.  There are eternal consequences to not having a relationship with God. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no one can come to the father except by him. Knowing that this is the way, we should seek and strive every day to tell people the way to heaven. Even if you don’t say everything completely right, just say it.  Maybe people will have a ton of questions and you won’t have answers for them, but that’s OK. You can simply say to them well, I don’t know the answer for that but how about if we look some stuff up together or can I get back to you with an answer with that. Some people may even argue with you about things and say 0h are you some Bible thumper now, but once again it’s OK. You got this. Don’t wait until it’s too late to introduce somebody Jesus.  And if you feel that your walk with Christ is not strong enough, what are you waiting for? none of us know the day or the time of Christ returns, nor do we know what’s going to happen for one second to the next quit hesitating. For this is that moment in time but eternity is a very long time to live.  Yes, we have a choice to make. We either believe and spend an eternity in heaven, or we just believe and spend an eternity separated from God forever. There is no in between.

Speak your truth…
Speak your truth…

Have you ever had someone say something to you that just Stuck with you through the years? You think about what that person said even though it was years ago? Have you made that word or sentence become a part of your life?

We can speak words of life or we can speak words of death over one another. The words that you say to someone are so important. Are you speaking words to lift a person up or to tear them down?

This week during my art class, I was telling the children what amazing artist they are. I told them to say out loud I am an amazing artist. So, they each said that out loud and you could see the pride in their faces as they spoke these words over themselves. As one of the girls was leaving class, she said to me I am a good artist Miss Heather. I thought to myself, wow, these are the type of words that we need to be speaking to other people.

So, as you go about your day today, make your words positive. Lift people up on purpose. See the joy in others faces as you encourage them with just a word or a phrase.

Smile at people, even if you do not know them. You never know how long that word or that smile will live in their hearts.

And if you have spoken negative words over someone, or if you have in the past, be quick to turn those words around. Don't be too prideful to apologize or to ask someone for forgiveness. Humble yourself and see the good and mighty work God will do in your life.

As you give, so you shall receive.
Why are people afraid of Jesus?
Why are people afraid of Jesus?
Yesterday, I had a very interesting text awaiting me. It was a text from someone that had been placed into the Bible writing group. It said I don’t know who you are, but take me off of this stupid text about this Bible S…

At first, I was quite taken aback by this comment, but then I was reminded about what a lost world we live in. There are so many people that are opposed to God and Jesus and the Bible, yet they know nothing about them. They think that it’s all just a big crock and have no interest in learning anything more. So, instead of taking the time to learn more, They criticize and condemn.

My question for all of the naysayers of the Bible is, how do you condemn something or someone that you know nothing about?

Many people say that there is no way to know anything about God, but The more time we spend with someone the more we get to know them. So if you were feeling lost, alone and afraid, I encourage you to spend time with God. Get to know who he is by reading about him. You will soon come to the conclusion that the Bible is not a cross and that you can have a relationship with God.

I think that many times we choose to hear what other people have to say about certain situations or people and we don’t take the time to come to our own conclusions. But I want to encourage you today to take the time, on your own, to get to know exactly who God is.

So, the next time that you are criticize our question about your face, encourage people to come up with their own beliefs. But in order to learn about something, we must study. The study the word of God to prove yourself correct.

You don’t have to be offended when somebody question your face or your believes, instead encourage others and find things that hit home with you that you could share with other people.

I know that for myself, I told this person that the text that I myself did not come to know anything about God until I was 28 years old. But it was then that I began to study the word and got to know more and more about my creator. I continue to question things and I continue to seek answers, but I never stop looking and I encourage you to do the same.
Wash it away….
Wash it away….
This weekend we took the opportunity and went down to Sebastian Inlet on the boat. It was a pretty murky day and you couldn't see in the water at all. Needless to say I was a little bit freaked out picturing massive sharks and where I'll send who knows what else coming in attacking me. Yeah I can be a little neurotic sometimes. LOL.

Anyways one of the people we were talking to had mentioned how the current had kicked up and that they were looking forward to the Clearwater coming in. So, I thought wow isn't this indicative of our lives.

Each day we go through life and unfortunately make bad decisions decisions, but we look forward to the wonderful fact that Jesus washes of clean every day. As the tide go in and out of the river every day there is Clearwater and there's dirty water and there is cleansing again.

You know, I was always curious as to why all of the baptisms that took place in the Bible happened in the river instead of the sea of Galilee. The river is known for its murkiness while the sea is clear. And I thought perhaps the reason for the river baptism is that our sins are washed fresh with Christ. As we come up out of the water that is murky and dark, we are cleansed with the new freshwater.

It reminds me of the difference between the Indian river and the beautiful bright blue seas in Aruba. Want to be a glorious day when we no longer have to worry about arson filled lies doing right things and doing wrong things, instead it will be crystal clear and beautiful each and every day. Oh how thankful I am to know that all of my sins are washed away.
Round and round we go!
Round and round we go!
Here we go around the Mulberry Bush, the Mulberry Bush, the Mulberry Bush. Here we go around the Mulberry Bush so early in the morning.

So, here is my question: why do we continue to go around the Mulberry Bush and why are we going around it so early in the morning? I don't know.

Well, obviously I don't really mean on Mulberry Bush. I'm talking about the fact that we continue to go over and over the same things every day. We swear we're knocking to eat junk food, and then lo and behold what happens somebody bring something super yummy and delicious into work and I just can't say no. Or we decide I'm not gonna drink any wine today, then we get home and that bottle of wine is so very enticing and Lee just say OK I'll just have one glass. Or how about, I'm never going to say a bad word again and then somebody really makes you mad and you're talking with your BFF and say boy that person sure was a meanie Coppini… Not!

I spent years and years being upset with myself that yet again I had failed to be this perfect Christian. I thought that if I didn't do what was right all the time and say what was right all the time then God would not except me. But this is the thing, I was a rebuilding a system that's already been tore down.
When we except Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we don't have to worry about God not accepting us based upon our behavior. Jesus already took care of all of this. We don't have to try to be good enough we're arty made good through Jesus. There is nothing that we can do to earn or dissed earn God's love and acceptance of us when Jesus is our Lord.

Jesus took our sins upon the cross over 2000 years ago, so can we relive that day? Of course not. So why, oh why are we continuing to circle around the Mulberry Bush day in and day out? Get away from that bush! It's no good.

You are beautiful and you are accepted by God. He is not mad at you. Yes certain things are bad for you and yes certain things have consequences, but your sin and wrongdoings have already been dealt with. Jesus took them all! There's no more sin because sit no longer exists when Jesus is your sacrifice. It's gone, it's wiped away. Walk away from the bush.
Break Down The Wall
Break Down The Wall

I have decided that today is the day to break the Great Wall.

I have spent my entire life trying to climb up that wall to make sure that I find Grace in God's eye.

 But then today I had a bit of an eye-opening revelation.

 I realize that as we spend our lives trying to find acceptance through the things that we do and the way that we act, we're just climbing a wall.

 When Jesus came to Earth and bore our sins upon the cross at Calvary, he did away with the wall.

 And if a wall doesn't exist there's nothing to climb over.

 So in other words, there used to be a law that was required to achieve favor in God's eyes, but Jesus did away with the law. There is no longer a law.

So, if a law doesn't exist, how can you break it?

 The answer is it's impossible.

 There's no law to break, so what are you trying to do?

Jesus already came and dealt with the issue of sin. We can turn our way into heaven.

We have complete and total freedom because of Christ and what he did upon the cross.

When we all stand at the judgement seat of Christ, we are going to be judged upon our belief in Jesus not upon what we did or didn't do here on Earth.

 So quit beating yourself up for a good day or a bad day or a somewhat good day or somewhat bad day, you are perfect in God's eyes.

All of your faults that you did in the past, all of the ones you're doing now and all of the ones you're going to do in the future have already been dealt with 100%

The wall is gone. There's no wall to climb over it doesn't exist.

You have been set free when you believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Quit trying to rebuild that wall and enjoy your life.

Jesus came so that we can have life in abundance until it's full and overflowing, not that we can spend our lives feeling guilty and ashamed of all that we have done that doesn't measure up to whom evers standards.

You are free! Believe it and receive it.