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Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Offering you a top rated education is priority at Mustard Seed Kidz.  We aim to build each child’s character through family partnerships, while providing high quality instruction based on Christian principles and solid curriculum.  We will aid each child in their social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.  These levels of development will guide your child towards making a positive contribution to future generations and their God given destiny.

First Grade ClassroomCurriculum

Our Curriculum features, Abeka, Spectrum, Skill Builders, Faith Building Kids, ABC through the Bible and much more.  We have a wonderful resource room with thousands of resources at hand to aid your children in becoming fully prepared for first and second grade.  We will be focusing on reading, writing, mathematics, language, arts, science, nature, physical education and bible education.  We pride ourselves on excellence and promise you a remarkable Kindergarten through 2nd  grade experience for your child.


Multi-Grade ClassroomMulti-grade Classes

Multi-grade classes are beneficial to every child, providing intervention or room for advancement based on your child’s skill level. 
By mid-way through the year, our students are well into working into the upcoming year state standards. For example, our First graders are working on second grade standards by January.  We are confident that your child will well exceed the ordinary through our hands-on, dedicated persistence of excellence.

Multi-grade ClassroomA Wonderful Experience

We are 100% dedicated to your children and their education, and we pray that you will feel the same.  As you choose to entrust your child’s education to Mustard Seed Kidz, we are confident that you and your child will treasure this experience and not be disappointed.  We look forward to an incredible year filled with learning, excitement and growth.

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