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God Alarm

God Alarm

God Alarm

Don’t you just love first thing in the morning when you are deep into R.E.M. sleep and suddenly you hear that oh so familiar alarm beckoning you out of bed?  Beep…beep…beep!  Arggh, is it that time again?  So, you reluctantly flip your feet off the side of the bed and get prepared for the day.

Well, just as we know the sound of our morning alarm, we should also be able to jump at the sound of other alarms as well.  Easter Sunday we had an amazing sunrise service while watching the glorious colors of the morning sky peak over the horizon.  It was a beautiful sight as the pinks and purples glistened upon the water and reminded us that we have an amazing God and Creator.

But, as I sat there enjoying the sunrise, I was humbled within myself.  I thought of all the times throughout the day that I am so busy and don’t even give a second of my time to God.  I go through the daily motions ever so busy without even a thought.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do think of God and perhaps thank Him for something or just say hello, but I don’t really spend any time with Him during my day.  So, I thought to myself, “this has to change, but how?”

Then, it came to me as I sat looking at those surrounding me in worship.  I quickly asked everyone to go get their phones.  My niece looked at me like I was a bit nuts, especially since hers was in the car, but she complied with my wishes nonetheless.  I then told everyone to set a God alarm on their phone.  That’s right, a God alarm.  I had them set their phone alarm to go off at three different times during the day: once in the morning (before leaving the house for the day), once at their usual lunchtime and once before bedtime.

I got a few chuckles and “really”’s, then I explained to them, “why not have an alarm for God, we certainly have alarms to remind us of everything else.”  Then I pulled out the choker…..not only are we to set ourselves an alarm to pray, but to also pray with someone else around us at that particular time.  Of course, if there is no one there, there is no one else there, but otherwise step out of your comfort zone and pray with others.  I did get a few looks, but everyone agreed.

So, later that day at our Easter brunch, my cousin came running up to me, grabbed my hands and said it was time to pray.  Oh wow, I thought, this may really work.  And it did.  We all began utilizing our alarms to pray and spend quality time with God throughout the day.  But, it wasn’t until two weeks later that I discovered something amazing.

My cousin had set her lunchtime alarm to go off during her usual break time, but she was busy with a patient one particular day and her phone was left in the breakroom.  So, one of her co-workers came to her and told her that her alarm was ringing in the other room.  My cousin politely thanked her and finished up with her patient.  She then headed into the breakroom for some much needed sustenance and her prayer time with God.  However, when she entered the room, there were six co-workers already on break.   But then one of them said, “you know every day we hear that alarm going off at the same time of day, what in the world is it for?”  So she decided to take a leap of faith and tell them that it is her God alarm and her reminder to pray.  She then asked them if she could pray with them and they happily said “yes”.

She said that she stood, a bit in amazement, as they all began to hold hands, pray and share their faith.  Come to find out, each one of her co-workers, whom she worked with for years, were all Christians.  But here is the clencher……not one of them knew the other was a Christian.  And I wonder how many people that we surround ourselves with on regular basis may be walking in faith as well, yet we are unaware?

Well, now not only was my cousin able to open lines of faith and communication with others, but they all loved the idea of the God alarm so much, that they all set their alarms at varying times to do exactly the same.  And I want to challenge each one of you…RIGHT NOW… go get your phones.

No really…..go get it or you will forget……waiting…..waiting….waiting….okay great.  Now set those alarms on your phone.  Please remember not to ignore that alarm.  Even if you only have a quick moment and are maybe not able to pray with others around you, take a moment to pray to God.  Then as the situations arise step out and pray with other people.  Now, I know it can be uncomfortable and perhaps you don’t know what to say, but do it anyways because the more we practice the better we become.

So, what I recommend is to let your God alarm sound off for a few when others are around.  Make sure that someone else hears it instead of instantly turning it off.  Maybe even wait to see if someone else will tell you it is going off, then you can tell them that is your God alarm and pray with them.

Simply take their hands and you can say, “Dear Heavenly Father. We come to you with thanks and praise.  Thank you for this beautiful day and opportunity to pray together.  Lord we want ask you to bless us and protect us today and give us opportunities to share your love with others.  We ask you to watch over our friends and family and help us to use our time wisely.  Thank you Lord….in Jesus Name…Amen.”

Now of course you can pray whatever you like, this is just an idea to help you break out of the comfort zone if you are a bit uncomfortable praying with others.  So, remember to listen to the God alarm and post this to your friend’s pages so they can do the same.  Let’s make sure God’s alarm is ringing all over the world.  Please share your amazing stories with us to see how God’s alarm is affecting others.   Psalm 96:3 “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!”

                Blessings:  Heather Joyner