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No Bikes About It


Throughout my time here on earth I have seen so many things.  I have seen people that do and people that don’t.  And I sit and wonder why do we make particular choices in life?  Is there a reason that we hesitate when we know we should be doing something?  Is there this unseen force holding us back or propelling us forward?  Or do we just play this mind game of ping pong watching the days’ bounce back and forth with no rhyme nor reason.  We question everything and question everyone, yet we sit back idly and let life just pass us by.

Well, no more!  It is time to quit being that person.  It is time to stand up and realize that you and I are given but one opportunity and we absolutely MUST make the most of it!  But how?  Well I believe the first thing we must do is question ourselves in who we are and how we are responding to circumstances in our lives.  So, let me ask you a question:  when others speak of you or think of you, what are they saying?  And when you think of yourself what are you seeing?

Last night a few of my son’s friends went out to eat with us, and on the way home they began speaking about a girl they know.  They were talking about her physical attributes and then they stated that she was “like the town bicycle”.  Wow, I thought does this girl even know what others are saying about her.  It is so very sad.

Anyways, the kids were kind of laughing a bit and talking about how she was a real short girl etc.  So, I mentioned to them that I knew the reason she was “being a town bicycle.”  They looked at me in wonder as I talked about how when we have a low self-esteem, we are constantly seeking approval and love from anywhere we can find it.  I told them how girls, in particular, just want to hear a guy tell them that they love them, and unfortunately many feel if they have sexual relations that they are now loved.  And how many are seeking approval from others or trying to fill that void from an absent parent or feelings of not looking perfect (as so beautifully portrayed by the media and airbrushing).

One of the girls with us chimed up and said, “how did you know that?”  Well, I didn’t go into detail about how I was one of those girls desperately seeking love and acceptance; but I did tell her that you learn many things as you grow in wisdom.

I see all around me teenagers hating each other, religious groups contending with one another, political parties unwilling to work together, marriages faltering and families divided.  So, I have to ask myself….why?  And I am immediately led to one word….love, or the lack there of.

Jesus told us to focus on one thing in particular, and that is to “love one another as I have loved you.”  Geez, that seems pretty easy doesn’t it?  And if it were such an easy thing, then why aren’t we doing it?  1Corinthians13:4 tells us that,  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails.”

            Who knew that love could be such a powerful four letter word.  Love encompasses so many things.  It isn’t just some word.  To love someone is to be empowered to truly make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.  And it makes me realize that love is the solution.  We can make a difference and we can make a change in this world.

I am making a choice today, not to be that ping pong ball or the town bicycle for that matter, but to “be love”.  And I want to encourage you, that if you are seeking to find happiness in this life then do what Jesus has commanded of you and love.  For when we choose to love (that’s right, it is a choice), we will have contentment.  You don’t have to go around questioning your reason for existing or what you should be doing with your life.  Just love!  No matter where you are, where you work, your political or religious views, just pursue love.

Blessings:  Heather Joyner

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