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Yeah….I’m in Trouble

Yeah….I’m in Trouble







Remember when you were a child and you would hear your brother or sister say, “Oh you are going to be in so much trouble.”  Well, isn’t life just like this?  We see trouble pressed around us in a multitude of situations in our lives.  Whether we are fighting with our loved ones, or dealing with financial troubles, or suffering the loss of a business or friend, we see trouble.  Uggh…we cry out to God and beg Him wondering…why God, why God won’t you answer me?

As I think about the times of trouble I have been through in my life, I stand and praise our Lord and Savior.  And let me tell you, I have seen my times of trouble!  But I stand firm today to tell you that God does hear and answer our prayers.  It may not be in our time or in the way that we think, but he is the great and mighty God and the answer to all of your troubles.

And let me just tell you, that when you take a leap and start to do something for God, trouble is coming. When you really start to do something for God, the devil will line up all of his cronies to come against you, but it is then that God will align His angels and stand firm to fight for you.  When you get in trouble you will discover the God that comes to your answer will and does answer you.  He is the anchor to your soul and when we are going through a time of trouble is when we will discover God.

The bible says, “call on me.”  So, what are you waiting for? Remember that God can only answer your prayers when you pray.  And I do believe it is time to open your mouth and speak power into your own life. Prayer is doing something about your situation; and when you pray Jesus is recording your each and every word. Once those words have been released, the supernatural comes into play and the storm clouds are gone.

We serve an all-powerful God.  The bible says, “call and I will answer.”  Yes, it is truly that simple.  When three Hebrew children were in the fiery flames, God himself showed up to rescue them, and he will show up for you too.  God says ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, no good thing shall the Lord withhold for those who seek His glory therefore nothing is impossible unto you.

God is right where you are, not in a building or a particular place.  God is right where you are! Noah called from the belly of a fish, Paul and Silas called from a roman prison as the angels shook the prison doors wide open.  God hears you no matter where you are!  God does not give up on us, so we should never give up on him.  So, release the power within you and prayer in your time of trouble.  Call out to God almighty.

Joel 2:32 says call upon the Lord.  He will heal you for he is the healer.  He will restore your marriage for He is the healer of the brokenhearted.  He will bring your lost loved one back, He will restore your business for He is the God of heaven and there is none like Him on heaven or the earth.  There is power in His name, the authority of the Word and the shed blood of His Son.  The God we serve is a God of power.  He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

You do not have to wonder if God is here for you, instead look to your troubles and realize that God is aligning the heavens to answer your prayers.  Remember that God permits trouble to develop you.  Without the resistance of air, a bird cannot fly…without the resistance of gravity you would float, grapes cannot make wine until they are crushed, olives cannot make oil until they are ground.

1 Corinthians 10:13 says God, “will not allow us to be tested beyond what we can bear”.  Now this doesn’t say that we will not go through trouble, but that He will be with us and help us through our trouble.  So, do not despise your troubles, but know that your answer lies right around the corner.  God can use our trouble for our own good.

Psalm 119:7 says it is good for us to be afflicted.  So as hard as it seems sometimes, do not be sad for the Lord that we serve is holding your hand and aligning all of things for his glory.  So, call upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and have faith in receiving the answer to your trouble.  Our God is the great deliverer and He will not let you down.  God is not a human being and I repeat that HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!

Blessings:  Heather Joyner

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