Tuition Rates, Tuition assistance and Scholarships


A registration fee of $100.00 is due upon enrollment. The first week’s tuition and your backup payment method are due on or before your child’s first day of school. After receiving your registration fee, we will hold your child’s spot in his or her class or place them on the waiting list for future spots that are going to be available. A two-week notice of intent to withdraw or two-week payment is due at the time of withdrawing.

Annual Re-Enrollment fee

An annual re-enrollment of $50.00 is due annually on your child’s start date month each year. We utilize this fee to ensure that your child has the greatest selection of materials on hand. We also put this fee toward updating toys and equipment as they become worn out. We appreciate your support in ensuring our children have the supplies needed to stir their creativity and the toys needed to engage their imagination.


A 10% discount will be credited to the oldest child attending. We look forward to seeing your family grow and prosper.

Tuition Assistance

We are contracted with the Early Learning Coalitions School Readiness Program and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program.

Full List of Care Options and Tuition Rates are available at our Center

VPK (M-F) 8:30am-11:30pm only – Free