The Infant Room

The Infant Room offers a stimulating introduction to home-away-from-home care. At Mustard Seed Kidz, your baby will have several caregivers who will learn what makes your baby comforted and happy. Knowing your baby’s comfort level will enable the caregivers to develop a personalized routine for your baby. Through familiarity your precious angels will gain a sense of stability and control.


Our Staff of Mustard Seed Kidz

Each of our wonderful infant caregivers will work with your child to comfort, feed and teach him or her. Your child will feel right at home with gentle touches, facial expressions, verbal cues and a variety of interactions. We truly strive to make sure your child is provided a multitude of interpersonal relations and hugs each and every day.

Their Futures are in Our Hands

The infant room offers a safe, sanitary, and stimulating space for your baby to learn and grow. Each day is filled with ample opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills. These skills are attained through multisensory toys/activities such as cradle gyms and rattles or crawling in, around, and over cushions, Holding baby to “fly” or pushing baby’s feet teach creeping and other motor skills. Your baby will also enjoy peek-a-boo and patty cake so he or she can begin to understand language. And when baby has had adequate stimulation, we provide a calm and quiet place for rest.

Talk, Play & Exploring Senses

From painting with pudding to singing and cooing with baby, we encourage him or her to use all senses for learning. These simple yet educational activities are vital to your baby’s overall well-being and development. Exploring helps foster language and motor skills, as well as encouraging them to identify feelings. Interaction with others and identification is paramount to your baby’s intellectual growth. So, to help your baby in his or her development, we use the Baby Sign program. This program integration enables your baby to point out objects of interest, noises, people, animals, and body parts. All staff have completed the Florida state mandated DCF child care courses. Many teachers are also FCCPC and/or CDA certified or higher.