One Year Old Room

Plenty of Hugs, Holding and Help. Playing – Singing – Dancing: The sights and sounds of pure joy fill our Toddler Room



At Mustard Seed Kidz, your child will have caregivers who understand the transition between infancy and toddlerhood. With great affection and consistency, they help your child practice making choices, set reasonable expectations, make suggestions rather than commands, and suggest alternative activities when trouble is brewing. Creating a warm and enjoyable environment is the key to making your child enjoy learning. Your child’s caregivers will encourage independence while letting your child know there is someone they can depend on within reach. They’ll help your child master soft climbers as well as develop balance and motor skills. They’ll help explore creativity with paints, crayons, and play dough. Your child will expand their imaginations through numerous centers including: house, dress-up, construction and legos. After an exhausting play-time, your child can reach a sense of calm in the quiet corner- filled with pillows and picture books. While our caregivers take care of more than one child, they make time for individual attention. They listen and offer feedback to your child so he or she knows they’ve been heard.

Exploring with Senses

Through the five senses, wobblers and toddlers discover our complex world. Mustard Seed Kidz encourages sensorial learning by providing a stimulating environment and giving your child time and opportunity to explore. Their days are filled with books, music, and more, so they can begin to understand the world around them. On sunny days, the favorite activity is playing on the playground with friends.


Positive Attitudes

Our caregivers understand the importance of maintaining consistency with rules, providing choices and rewards, and using time-outs only when necessary and without shame.

All staff have completed the Florida state mandated DCF child care courses. Many teachers are also FCCPC and/or CDA certified or higher.