Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a legislatively mandated program designed to prepare every four-year-old in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success. The VPK program gives each child an opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life with quality programs that include high literacy standards, accountability, appropriate curricula, substantial instruction periods, manageable class sizes, and qualified instructors.

The VPK program is FREE for all four-year-olds born on or before September 1 who reside in Florida. All eligible four-year-olds are entitled to participate in one of the VPK program options. The school-year program includes 540 hours of instructional time and begins in August. VPK eligibility is AGE based only, not income.

New & Lasting Friendships Grow

Our goal for your budding student is to provide structure with flexibility. In our loving and caring environment, their intellect and knowledge about life and the world around them will grow in leaps and bounds. Daily activities and lessons follow Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Standards to ensure our curriculum works in tandem with school goals. Your child learns best when allowed to play and explore. We believe in a play centered environment and ensure your child is safe and secure in their surroundings. Our teachers generate their lesson plans by following the Wee Learn Curriculum. Our curriculum ensures that your child is focusing on all domains of literacy while incorporating prayer and daily bible studies. Mustard Seed Kidz understands how your preschooler thinks, recreates, reasons and creates as they engage in the learning process. We understand that each child is unique and special. We will address and enhance each child’s ability to make age appropriate progress in all areas of development including: language and communication, cognitive and general knowledge, motor development, emergent literacy, emotional, social and morality. Your child will be fully prepared to enter kindergarten

Care Givers

All VPK lead teachers are fully certified with a minimum CDA degree, many have higher education. The Assistant teachers have numerous years experience as well as on-going continued education. Your child’s teacher is sufficient in following all aspects of the Florida VPK Education Standards. She understands that not all four-year-olds will attain all of the same standards by age five or kindergarten entry; therefore she will focus on age-appropriate expectations and individual differences of your child.

Life Lessons

Through play, modeling, and traditional teaching methods, your child will learn about diversity, compromise, and empathy. Weekly lessons range from nutrition and cooking to sensitivity of others. He or she will also continue their fundamental education through multiple curriculums which provide knowledge in all areas of development.  

The VPK program runs from 8:30am to 11:30am. Care provided before and after the VPK program hours is considered Wrap-Around Care. There is an additional charge for this care as stated in your registration application. Wrap-Around Care hours start as early as 6:30am and extend to 6:00pm. 

Upon your child’s arrival at school, we will provide an array of activities to keep your child engaged and active. Your child will continue to practice a multitude of skills throughout the remainder of the day. We will provide beginning dance, sports and gymnastics weekly. Your child will enjoy a healthy lunch and be ready for a fun-filled day at play. Your child will look forward to telling you all about their incredible days at Mustard Seed Kidz. 

All staff have completed the Florida state mandated DCF child care courses. Many teachers are also FCCPC and/or CDA certified or higher.

Interaction with others and identification is paramount to your baby’s intellectual growth. So, to help your baby in his or her development, we use the Baby Sign program. This program integration enables your baby to point out objects of interest, noises, people, animals, and body parts.

All staff have completed the Florida state mandated DCF child care courses. Many teachers are also FCCPC and/or CDA certified or higher.